Main Research topics

Lipids, inflammation, NASH, atherosclerosis, gut microbiota and lysosomal storage disease. Investigating molecular mechanisms that trigger an inflammatory response, identifying novel non-invasive biomarkers and new treatment options for low-grade chronic inflammation.

Training Programmes

Within Maastricht University we have block, which offers master students the unique opportunity to autonomously design their own scientific research project (block 2.1) and carry out this research project over a period of 30 weeks (block 2.2 alias Senior Practical Training or SPT). The extended training periods in research laboratories will enable master students to acquire valuable experience for the next step in their careers. The SPT is also aimed at motivating these masters to pursue PhD-student positions in research laboratories at the UM, UH or other national and international (academic) institutions. Upon successful completion of year 2, the Master degree you obtain will refer to a specialization, which may be determined by the choice of your project. For more detailed information see EleUM > junior practical training block > Pre-senior info.

The aims

The second year comprises two main elements:

2.1:   Design & Planning of Scientific Research: Scientific method: how to design a scientific research project; 8-week preparatory block (Sept – Oct).

2.2:   SENIOR Practical Training (SPT): Implementation of theoretical and practical knowledge in ongoing laboratory studies; 30-week practical implementation block (Nov – June).

Most recent FOCUS

Prof. Jussi Pihlajamäk

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Prof. Vladimír Štich

Department of Sport medicine, Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague aims to elucidate processes that underlie, or mediate, the beneficial metabolic effects of lifestyle interventions on obesity-related metabolic disturbances[...]

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Prof. Martine Laville

The Rhône-Alpes Research Center for Human Nutrition strives to improve human nutrition and health. It develops research programs in nutrition within the framework of national, European and international research programs, working closely with...[...]

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Prof. Ian Macdonald

Research: functional consequences of metabolic and nutritional disturbances at rest and in exercise in health, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Studies involve catecholamine measurement and assessment of sympathetic nervous activity...[...]

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